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The Blues & BBQ Street Dance!

We were blessed with a day of sunshine for this year's Blues & BBQ Street Dance! The event was held at the Walker Theater and a portion of the proceeds went to the Save The Walker Theater fund. We were blessed to also receive a portion of the proceeds to help maintain Ms. Kitty's Animal Sanctuary!

Kindred Spirits kicked the night off with their solid sound and voices. Before you knew it, you were drawn in by the vocals as you remembered you had heard that song somewhere before.

Miles Duchaine graced the stage for his first live performance EVER! His guitar skills are undeniable and it didn't take long for Mark Sasser from Kindred Spirits to join him on stage for a couple songs.

Comedian Jerry Furber from Columbus, Georgia came out to show us how that anything can be done at 80 years old!

Kent Duchaine closed out the evening with a set list of heavy hitters. If you didn't know anything about blues, you did by the end of the night. He has met the likes of Muddy Waters in his travels around the globe. Not too bad for this small neck of the woods.

The Walker Theater is definitely a place that needs to be restored. One can only imagine what it must have been like in its glory days. It is a miracle the marquee is alive and well. What a wonderful way to spend the July 4th weekend listening to live music performances while eating world famous BBQ in an historical place - the one and only Ft. Gaines, Georgia.



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