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About the Sanctuary

At Ms. Kitty's Animal Sanctuary, our mission is to offer a loving haven for cats and kittens, providing them with a compassionate place to call home. Recognizing the diverse needs of felines of all ages, we are dedicated to ensuring their well-being, happiness, and security.

We strive to create an environment where every cat, young or old, experiences the warmth of a caring community. Through our specialized care programs, we aim to enhance their quality of life by addressing medical needs, promoting physical and emotional wellness, and fostering loving connections with both fellow residents and our dedicated team of caregivers.

Committed to the belief that every cat deserves respect, understanding, and unwavering support, Ms. Kitty's Animal Sanctuary works tirelessly to raise awareness about the joy and companionship these furry companions can bring into our lives. By championing their cause, we hope to inspire compassion, encourage responsible pet ownership, and contribute to a world where every cat is cherished and valued. 

At the heart of Ms.Kitty's Animal Sanctuary is our commitment to helping to control overpopulation by hosting low cost spay and neuter clinics, as well as uniting cats with the perfect family with our extensive adoption program. Our mission is not just to provide shelter; it's to create a loving home where the unique stories and endearing personalities of each cat are celebrated, embraced, and cherished.

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Sanctuary Space

If you wish to rent the property to host an event, we would love to have you. Some examples of events that would be perfect for our space - art or poetry retreats, bird watching, engagement parties, or even your small wedding. We are able to provide you with a space that you will see cats while on the property, or cats can be put away when needed. Full catering available on premises. We overlook the most amazing angle of the Chattahoochee Riverfront - You won’t be disappointed.


Dobey Q - BBQ

Southwest Georgia is lucky to have this Pitmaster within its reach. David Hair started his BBQ quest in 1997 and the accolades were fast to follow. After he began competing in 2008, he soon saw winnings in the form of 29 state competitions in 1 year, 3x World Championship - Memphis in May, and countless other showdowns. Now, David cooks for his community and it humbles us here at Ms. Kitty’s Animal Sanctuary that the money made from his BBQ directly benefits our fabulous felines. Thank you, David - You’re SMOKIN’!

All proceeds from the sale of Dobey Q's BarBQ go to benefit our feline friends.

Stella's Treehouse

Stella's Treehouse is a 800 sq ft "A-Frame" cabin that is nestled in the trees overlooking beautiful Lake Eufaula The cabin has all the comforts of home, yet still offers guests a truly authentic outdoor experience. An open kitchen/living room perfect for couples, small families and groups. A private bedroom with a full size bed, full bath, and w/d all on the ground floor. In the loft is another full size bed that has a heavenly view of the trees. Dock and swimming area are a short walk.


All proceeds benefit Ms. Kitty's Animal Sanctuary.


- Our Partners -

 Stella and Chewy Cat Food
Dr. Elsey's Cat litter
Tractor Supply Co Pine Litter
Purina Fancy Feast
Bob's by sketchers
Royal Canin cat food
Nantez springs water
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